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NERC Compliance:

Is Your Compliance Solution Carrying Its Weight?

NERC compliance management is challenging, especially when working with limited resources. Enforcement and compliance have been further complicated with today’s heightened and frequently-changing cyber security concerns.

Your company needs a more practical approach to NERC compliance and SigmaFlow can provide you with the assistance your company requires.

Download the Ebook and Learn How Your Compliance Solution Should…

  • Streamline day-to-day data and turn it into powerful insights that drive value
  • Make it easy to access valuable information from the tremendous amounts of data that meeting requirements generates
  • Maximize ROI with strategic data insights
  • Provide valuable insight not just to compliance managers, but to the C-suite as well
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NERC Compliance Management Software Solution for CIP & 693

Pre-Configured Capabilities

Audit Readiness

  • 1-click RSAW generation
  • Workflow templates
  • Wordflow automation
  • Seamless system integration

Change Management

  • Compliance rules enforcement

Evidence Management

  • Automatic document review schedules
  • Document version control and history

Compliance Status & Updates

  • Pre-configured and customized compliance dashboards
  • Standards updates management

Compliance Knowledge Management

  • Workflow with task guidance
  • Data repository
  • Automated Notifications

Self Certification

  • Automated RSAW generation process
  • Review and approval tracking

About Sigmaflow

SigmaFlow – Business Excellence is our Passion

SigmaFlow was founded in 2001 and  is a leading provider of Process Execution solutions. The company’s solution portfolio includes NERC CIP & 693 Compliance. SigmaFlow products place a strong emphasis on embedding domain knowledge through process-driven template-based-architecture. The company serves a diverse global portfolio of customers in the mid-range and enterprise marketplace.

SigmaFlow’s NERC Compliance Solution is a real-time, evidentiary NERC compliance management software solution that solves the challenges of CIP Compliance unmet by traditional GRC approaches. The SigmaFlow Compliance Manager solution manages all documents, data, and work activities while automatically collecting and building the evidence for NERC compliance in a real-time repository.